Apply for Venue Connect

If you are a venue manager to can request a connection through the Settings screen on your profile.  All requests will be verified and approved by us.

Your Venue Connect profile shows all upcoming and previous events at your venue, as well as the option to change key venue details such as contact number, capacity and name.

You can add a new event using the green button, or request an edit or deletion to an existing event by tapping the Edit Gig button underneath the event in question.  All changes are sent back to us and you’ll be notified when they’re approved.

You can keep up to date on your recent changes and requests by using the button in the top section.  You’ll be able to see which changes are still pending and which changes have been approved.  Approved changes are live on Soundcheck for all users immediately.

Submit A Gig

Tap the artist field to search through Soundcheck to pick your headline act.  If your artist is not already in our database you can quickly add them here too.

The venue field will be auto-completed to match the venue you are currently connected to.

You must also chose the date and start time for your event using the handy date picker.

You have two options here.  If you are hosting a free gig then simply tap the Free box and move on.

If your event is paid then you’ll be given a couple more options to set the ticket price and a URL for buying tickets.  Copy and paste a URL here for a speedier experience.

If you’re ready to add support acts too then you can search and add up to three artists very quickly.  If you wish to ad more than three, leave us a message in the Comment box.

If you tap No Support then you can move on and add them later by using the Edit Gig button on the Venue Connect homepage.

Please leave a short message regarding the event so we know a little more about it.  If you’d like to have your event shared on our social media pages you can also make a note of this here and we’ll schedule a post for you.