Sunset Sons at the Princess Pavilion: The Soundcheck Review

Sunset Sons are on their way to big things. Currently touring across Europe with local support acts including Louis Berry and Haunt the Woods, the band are showcasing their musical talents and gaining increasing interest, both critically and commercially.

With their rugged look and glints in their eyes you’d probably already expect them to be confident, loud and jumping around the stage. In fact the opposite seemed true last night as we were greeted with a band who were humble, at times cautiously reserved and frequently let the music talk for itself. Where their stage presence may have been quiet, their music was certainly loud with smoke and hazy warm lighting filling the stage along with their infectious melodies.

They released their first album only two days ago and it’s already having an impact on the top end of the charts. Tonights performance was a snapshot of a band on their way to the top, but showing signs that they aren’t quite there just yet. It’ll be hugely exciting to see how they develop and grow into their sound as the tour progresses.

📸: Jacob Woolcock
📝: Sapphire Clarey