Newton Faulkner at Lusty Glaze Beach: The Soundcheck Review

Last night Newton Faulkner delivered an evening that surely exceeded everyone’s expectations. Although raining the crowd were not put off and arrived at the intimate location with ponchos and an air of excitement as they made their way down the steps and onto the sand.

Lusty Glaze is known for not only its incredible beach and restaurant but also for the unique gigs performed facing the sand and sea. This unique stage was one that the red-dread-headed singer looked every bit at home on as the last time he played there in 2014.

His style features a mixture of acoustic, folk and rock. Paired with his unbelievable talent Newton Faulkner mesmerised the crowd and soon had everybody singing and dancing along. Songs in the set included more familiar material such as ‘Teardrop’, ‘Smile More’ and ‘Dream Catch Me’.

Newton then surprised the crowd with a cover of the Justin Bieber track ‘Sorry’. As if that wasn’t enough, along with a specially made guitar, friends joining him on stage and even a humorous rendition of happy birthday, it was then topped off with an encore of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. The singer and musician effortlessly performed his unique set list with bare feet and a mug of tea at hand.

It was made clear that he is very much a family man as well as his more recent talent of acting and his already astounding reputation as a musical artist. He truly brings an honest warmth to his music that many people can connect with and enjoy.

After running over time Newton Faulkner left with the last words that he would be back again as soon as he could. It was a performance that definitely had something for everyone.

📸: Jacob Woolcock
📝: Sapphire Clarey