Liam Gallagher at the Plymouth Pavilions: The Soundcheck Review

It’s safe to say there are two distinct types of Liam Gallagher fan in the audience here tonight.  The first are those who grew up with Oasis blasting out of their radios at every turn, ‘Morning Glory’ etched into their subconscious and the infamous Gallagher swagger in the forefront of their minds as they rock up to tonights gig.  These fans are here for a huge night.  Mates, beers and some hopefully massive rousing sing-a-longs.

The second, newer, Liam Gallagher fans are those younger people who’ve heard of Oasis but really are just here tonight to hear the belters from Liam’s new solo album, ‘As You Were’.  These fans may not be totally au fait with the illustrious history of the man they’re coming to see, but they too are expecting massive sing-a-longs to the newer tracks including ‘Wall of Glass’ and ‘For What It’s Worth’.

The evening gets properly started as support act Ratboy leaves the stage and the wait for Liam begins in earnest.  Everyone is ready for this, everyone desperate to catch the man in the parka on stage in Plymouth.  And they aren’t disappointed.  As Liam walks on to the exhilarating ‘F****n’ in the Bushes’ the crowd roars with approval.  Blasting straight into Oasis cuts ‘Rock n Roll Star’ and ‘Morning Glory’ the roar from the crowd fights to be heard over Liam’s triumphant vocal delivery of these classics.  Group one? Satisfied.

Following this opening barrage of Oasis hits, Liam takes a dive into his new and impressive solo effort ‘As You Were’.  Launching into a five song streak including the mighty ‘Wall of Glass’ and the excellent ‘Paper Crown’ (dedicated to his brother, of course) Liam was confident and loving every moment.  His charisma and swagger in full effect, he storms through his own tracks with just as much gusto and energy as he did with the earlier classics.  Group two?  Delighted.

The standout of the whole evening came from the chemistry between artist and audience.  Not one song escaped the sing-a-long treatment from the Plymouth crowd, which was at times deafening in the front.  From the mass chanting at the end of ‘Some Might Say’ to the audience bellowing out of every word from ‘Supersonic’, the crowd were in the palm of his hand.  Liam himself thrives on this energy, evident from his performance on stage.

The final moments of the gig were sure to please everyone, with arguably the most well known Oasis songs being played in a one-two-three combo across the two encores.  ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ into ‘Live Forever’ provided a cathartic and emotional end to the night, only to be followed mere moments later with the classic ‘Wonderwall’ ringing out across the Pavilions to signal the end of a brilliant evening.

For an artist who is so synonymous with one band, to see his solo material receive such a rapturous reception was astounding.  Plymouth were treated to a true night of rock and roll, one which I’m pretty sure we all hope can happen again in the future.


📸: Jacob Woolcock
📝: Sapphire Clarey & Jacob Woolcock