TL;DR: Soundcheck is out NOW for Android. Before you get too excited I should point out that it’s still in beta, which means lots of features are missing at the moment and it may crash every now and then. But still, Soundcheck on Android, wahey! Download here.
Okay, so firstly let me apologise as its taken a very long time to get to this stage. A year ago I launched Soundcheck into the world and the response since then has been overwhelming. Adding all the features and fixing all the bugs that I needed to do took me a long time, made longer by working a full time job alongside my evenings coding for Soundcheck. I’ve had so many hundreds of messages asking when Soundcheck will be coming to Android and asking why it isn’t there already, so let me briefly explain.
Writing a mobile app requires learning a new coding language for each platform. The app for iOS is in no way the same as the app for Android. It’s a bit like spending two years learning to speak fluent Spanish, then going to Japan on holiday instead. Creating Soundcheck for Android has required learning a whole new language and facing countless bugs and problems along the way. I’ve been quietly working on this for some time now and I’m delighted to say I’ve got an initial version of Soundcheck ready to go.
Now, let me say this straight away. It isn’t finished. Gasp. Gig pages are there. Personalised gig recommendations are there. But that’s about it. There’s a long list of features which are on iOS which I simply haven’t had time to create on the Android version yet. But I promise they are coming.
I realised I had a choice to either keep building the Android version for the next few months to get it completely finished, or to release the key functionality and gig pages into the world now and quietly add the rest of the features as app updates over the next few months. By choosing the latter it means that you’ll be able to access all the best gigs in your area, follow the links we share on Facebook and discover the buzzing live music scene that’s out there right now, on your doorstep.
I hope you’ll understand that this isn’t a fully finished version of Soundcheck. I also hope you’ll understand that it isn’t perfect and may crash occasionally. This is still a very new programming language to me. But it’ll evolve rapidly over time. Bugs will be fixed, new features will be added and before long there should be complete parity between the iOS and Android apps. And after that? Well, I’d better get cracking on the web version too I suppose!
So without further ado please check out Soundcheck for Android here. It’s completely free and I’d love to hear your feedback! Please eget in touch via the Soundcheck Facebook page with any problems, suggestions, words of encouragement or whatever else might be appropriate.
Thank you for all the support with Soundcheck so far. It’s only just getting started!
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Jacob is the creator of Soundcheck. He's spent the past five years building and refining his ideas to create the Soundcheck - the pocket sized, personalised gig guide. He also loves live music and can usually be seen in the photo pit at gigs across the South West.

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