Haunt The Woods at the Princess Pavilion: The Soundcheck Review

Haunt the Woods are a contemporary Prog-folk band compromising of 4 grungy musicians. With a mix between reassuringly perfect lead vocals and 4 part vocal harmonies, they exceed all my expectations. It seems they play not just for an audience but to lose themselves in the sound they create with each song building up to a powerful finish. Their music contains hints of Ben Howards style, who just so happens to be one of their favourite musicians. This is a band who’s heart truly is submerged deep into the world of music.

The lyrics and compositions they create are emotional and chilling. Music that is truly satisfying. This comes across in the 50+ gigs they do a year, selling out venues regularly. Last year they played the Main Stage at Boardmasters and worked with BBC Introducing Devon. Although gaining recognition quickly, the band have stated that staying local is important to them and they’d prefer not to be ‘overly accessible’. To them good music and performing what they love is more important than fame. They are currently on a tour supporting the equally talented Sunset Sons.

📸: Jacob Woolcock
📝: Sapphire Clarey