Why am I seeing all these local bands I’ve never heard of?

Soundcheck doesn’t favour any artist or venue over another.  Every gig is treated equally by Soundcheck and as such has an equal chance of appearing on your Soundcheck Pick screen.  I believe that all those brilliant smaller bands playing in pubs down the road need the promotion just as much as the larger acts playing the big venues in nearby cities.  Music is all-inclusive and so is Soundcheck.

Perhaps those smaller bands playing down the road might just become your new favourite act?  Give them a try!

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How do I change my location?

Soundcheck can either work using your current location (if you grant permission on your device), or you can pick from a list of pre-defined locations in the South West.  If you wish to change your location at any time you can do this in two ways:

  • At the bottom of the Soundcheck Pick screen you can tap the ‘Change Location’ button and pick a new location and search radius.
  • You can also access this page from in the Settings area.  Simply tap the settings icon in the top right corner of your Profile page.
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Do I need to make an account?

No, not any more!  You can browse gigs, see nearby venues on the map and see who’s attending an event without making an account.  As soon as you download the app you can immediately see all the gigs happening near you.

To take your Soundcheck experience to the next level you can create a free account.  When you’re registered Soundcheck will start tailoring its recommendations to you based on your gig history and people you follow.

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How much does Soundcheck cost?

Soundcheck is completely free to download and use.  I believe that live music should be accessible for everyone and shouldn’t be hidden behind a paid app, for this reason Soundcheck will always be free to use and discover events on.

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